So we've talked about XNA Game Studio Express, and just the other day Mitch posted all about the XNA Framework that XNA Game Studio Express uses. Let's talk about another piece of the XNA Game Studio Express product—namely, the XNA Framework Content Pipeline. As I noted in my Gamefest slides, the XNA Framework Content Pipeline is best described as:

     "An extensible content processing framework managed in C# Express"


如此,我們已經談論了XNA Game Studio Express,並且Dave Mitchell最近張貼了所有關於XNA Game Studio Express用途的XNA Framework。讓我們談論其他部分的XNA Game Studio Express產品,意即XNA Framework Content Pipeline(XNA Framework 內容管道)。如同我筆記在我的Gamefest幻燈片,XNA Framework Content Pipeline最好可稱之為:

被管理在C # Express的一個延伸性內容的處理Framework”

That may not tell you everything you need or want to know about this technology, though, so let's try and start from the beginning.



Content is a large part of games today, and getting content into games isn't easy—in fact, it's frustrating. You face so many problems, whether you’re looking for an exporter or the right tool to support that exporter. Then you have to find some tools to process the content, and use those tools to create data for your game. You also need to worry about loading the content and doing all the work necessary to get the content displaying correctly in your game. I summed that up pretty quickly, but it’s a lot of work. In fact, large studios have teams of people who work only on putting this infrastructure in place.


With the XNA Framework Content Pipeline, the process is different—and improved. It is simpler to use; it's highly extensible and customizable to what you're doing; and it gives you choices when putting your game together, both in the tools you use to create content and in the engine you use. We know it's not very exciting to build game content infrastructure when what you really want to do is focus on your game. The XNA Framework Content Pipeline lets you do just that: focus on developing your game!


        對於XNA Framework Content Pipeline,其過程是不同的並且更增進。它更加地簡單使用;它對於你正在做的事具備高度延伸性和客製化;並且當你彙集你的遊戲時,它還提供你選擇包含在你過去常創造Content的工具與你所使用的引擎。我們知道當你專注在你要做的遊戲上頭,建立遊戲的基礎設施並不非常令人興奮。XNA Framework Cotent Pipeline讓你:專注在開發你的遊戲!


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